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Spiritual Reiki Healing treatments are energy work to help you activate your own energy healing process through the love from within yourself. Master Carlos will balance your energy centers to help you release stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and repressed emotions. This healing will bring internal balance and make you more aware of your own spiritual truths.

Spiritual Reiki Healing is a gentle energy treatment that can help you to spiritually evolve and to grow so you can improve your life on many different levels.


Our Reiki Healing Benefits Through spiritual perspectives will help you heal yourself faster through conscious affirmations, so you can pass on this knowledge to others.

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Spiritual Healing Treatments & Spiritual life coaching 2022-2023 Understanding your spiritual self can…

“Wisdom of the week”

Emotions are energy in motion triggered by your thoughts in your physical reality. Emotions can help you express who you are spiritually. However, when you repress your emotions they will control you and create imbalances.

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