Reiki Spiritual Healing Treatments & Spiritual life coaching 2024

Understanding your spiritual self can help you see the causes of your dysfunctional belief system. When you let go of your unnatural fears and illusions, then you can experience your true internal freedom and love. 

Natural hands-on or off spiritual healing treatment begins with you lying on a padded table while Master Carlos will balance all energy your centers (chakras) to facilitate your own healing process. He will also scan and release mental and emotional blockages or traumas. At the end of the private session, you will feel very relaxed and open minded to your spiritual truths in order to regain your life back.

Spiritual Healing for teen ages

Young kids are extremely sensitive and intuitive to natural spiritual healing especially when they give and receive treatments. They immediately sense the positive loving energy that is present there and respond favorably to it. They relax and are willing to explore and express their higher consciousness. They can easily and naturally respond to different types of healing modalities to improve themselves.

We are open 7 days a week for private sessions and workshops


A new book released this October 6, 2023
“Help Yourself!” available on Amazon.
Paperback $15.95  – E-book $3.95